“However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.” -Acts 20:24 

Birthdays In - November

Date Name
01-Dec Steven Tom
06-Dec Tinu Varghese
16-Dec Bindu Abraham
17-Dec Joel George Thomas
17-Dec Jessie Cherian
18-Dec Alex Mathew
18-Dec John Navaratnam
20-Dec Zachariah Abraham
21-Dec Stacy Sara Jacob
23-Dec Diya Varghese
27-Dec Vincent Abraham
30-Dec Jisha Jacob
Date Name
02-Oct Ashley Ajay
05-Oct Mariamma David
05-Oct Philip Mathew
06-Oct Mathew Ninan
08-Oct Mathew Samuel
10-Oct John Samuel
10-Oct Saumya Daniel
10-Oct Varghese Thomas
10-Oct Andrew Mathew
12-Oct Thomas Samuel
14-Oct John Job
14-Oct Roshni David
16-Oct Marlene Tom
17-Oct Jenny Sarah Thomas
19-Oct Thankamma Skariah
21-Oct Joshua Cherian
27-Oct Moncy Kurian
29-Oct Aiden Suraj
Date Name
07-Nov Thomas Varghese
03-Nov Thomas C Ninan
04-Nov Easaw T. George
05-Nov John P. K.
13-Nov Elizabeth Varghese
13-Nov Ashley Ann Alexander
14-Nov Justin Mathews
15-Nov Rachel Jacob
15-Nov Rosamma Chacko
17-Nov Aaron Alexander
19-Nov Dency Chacko
22-Nov Samanta Jacob
22-Nov Babu Varughese
23-Nov Chellamma Chacko
24-Nov Shain Jacob
24-Nov John Xavier
24-Nov Thomas K. M
27-Nov Chacko P. George
27-Nov Teena Mary Varghese
11-Nov Sindhu Varghese
15-Nov Mariamma Jacob
19-Nov Daniel George Zachariah
25-Nov Jacob Alexander
29-Nov Mathew N. K.
26-Nov Dylan Varghese
01-Nov Sosamma Easo
07-Nov Sony Mathew
09-Nov Sony Thomas
05-Nov Jacob K. Daniel


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